Yes I have had five days off because it was my birthday 🎉.And yes I love cake ,as you can see it’s a beautiful cake it     Looks too good to eat the reason my daughter had hedgehogs decorated on it is because my garden is hedgehog central with a resident hedgehog at hoglets manor .

Im a bit sad because I just love ❤️ watching them in my garden . They look so cute the babies are adorable I feel honoured and as I have been feeding them for a while I’m getting more and more .The really sad thing is one of my customers said she had never seen one , a real live one and the lady in question is in her early 60 ‘ s .

The thing is I just kinda assumed everyone had seen or been near them as they are all around so I guess I’m really lucky 🍀 .

Any way I had a great time and ended up going with my husband to Weymouth for the day with his man van job I feel I packed a lot in in my five days but alas I’m back to the shop tomorrow a full few days so I will leave you with some pictures x