How do you find being positive all day ! I find it hard sometimes ,I mean really hard . They say in magazines that we should all try and be positive,stay happy think good thoughts ,Yes I agree and I try every day because I don’t want to be that moany ungrateful sad spiteful jealous 😒 person and it’s so easy to be negative rather than positive,

Some days you wake up and the world 🌎 is good lovely everything slots into place people around are amazing and you feel full of love .So that makes it easy ,you feel positive no one is raining on your parade . BUT what about the other days huh when you feel annoyed just because the people around you are even breathing, the work day awful , life is pants nothing worth fighting  for .

Those days are the days you should try your hardest to think some thing positive to try and forgive the people around you to love and feel love ❤️ because on those days you need it most .Just remember every thing we do say and feel has a consequence, the energy we recreate has an impact.

So take a deep breath ,think before you speak remember kindness , compassion, love , empathy and that we all make mistakes yes even you .