Everyone is now in holiday mode, the children break from school tomorrow, six weeks of rest relaxation fun….. Me ,well our family has a big wedding abroad my only daughter is getting married on the island 🌴 of Cyprus. I still can’t believe my little girl is not only getting married but is so grown up .Because of the wedding I’m finding myself remembering how she was as a little girl is that normal. Time has flown ,I have two sons her brothers and I just think back to how they all were as children 👶 one of her brothers is already married and in the next two weeks I will just have one child to go.When did all this happen?.

So parents make the most of your children while they are young because they don’t stay that way for long ,time moves fast. Don’t get too cross when they play you up,cherish them , love them❤️. All of my children have made me proud still can’t believe I pulled it off . I feel a very lucky lady .

So this years holidy will be extra special. All my children together, celebrating with me looking on it doesn’t get any better than that. I just want to say 😊 THANK YOU.