We have all just got back from our annual holiday in Norfolk. It started some years ago when the kids were small and we would take our two much loved German shepherds to the seaside for a week .

Kruegar and Storm were their names, they were our extended fur kids .Really you have to be a dog 🐶 lover to know what I’m saying , so it became a tradition.They have now passed away but we continue with blade our daughters lovely fur kid , my grand pup .

Norfolk is so gentle the people lovely, old England .And as I was walking I wondered about lord nelson ,was he an unassuming man was he gentle,he is one of England’s heroes I don’t know much about him just what we learned at school do they even teach that any more .

Im just walking thinking about this famously heroic man who must have been a bit fearless in his time and I thought about Norfolk and its beauty how calm restful and peaceful it is and it made me proud and I smiled .lord nelson is still in Norfolk I can feel him .


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