Put your hands in the air like you just don’t care.

Ladies do you ever get days when you just want it all to hang out, to sit on the sofa in your pyjamas cuddle in your sofa snuggly binge watch all your tv programs your new best friend bad boy on the street sugar chocolate overload .

I do some days I just want to hibernate not Surface not see anyone not speak to anyone as my work colleague said become like the hedgehog just eat then go to sleep for most of the winter, nice thought!

But alas ladies spring is coming and then summer holidays being planned. Do you want to look good for you or do you do it for everyone one else. Personally I like to look my best for me some where in my genetics I just can’t let it all go I like my hair to look great and yes I’m sorry I love make up l love looking like a lady and if I could walk in them loving high heels .

So for me letting it all go is okay , just now and then I love the fact that we all become peacocks getting ready for our reveals, beach baby, cat walk queen, sultry temptress.

Be proud of yourself love yourself your all beautiful. Look your best be your best and most of all do it for yourself because as the song goes “sisters are doing it for themselves” x 👩‍❤️‍👩 Tina


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